So tomorrow is the last day of the Tread on trafficking fundraiser.  I have been terrible about updating here, but faithful in getting out there and getting at least 3 hours of exercise a week.  It has really been sinking in for me, during all of this exercise time, as well as our days spent so largely outdoors at this time of year, how much freedom I have.  When exercising to raise money/awareness about sex trafficking, I couldn’t help but relish in the gift of having the health to exercise, the time to do so and the true privilege of safety for myself and my children.  These are all things I am so grateful for.  It is impossible to imagine the horror of a life in the sex trade, especially for children.   I am thankful for the opportunity to spend these past weeks having God soften my heart and increase my awareness towards children (and the families of the children) who are involved.  It is something that just won’t leave me alone and I am cannot help but pray that more and more awareness will continue to be raised and enough people will join together under the strength and love of God so that there will be no more children in the sex trade.