Well this week (Week 4), I have hit a bit of a lull.  I know it is only Tuesday – but I missed my 1 hour swim training and going to swim training always sets my week off on a good start.  I was feeling discouraged this morning.  I was going to write this blog post to remind myself why I’m doing this and that I want to do this!  I opened up my blog and didn’t feel like writing. 

Then I saw my shirt.  My Tread on Trafficking shirt I ordered when I started this.  It came in the mail on Friday.  I was excited to see it this morning and even though it is a bit snug (hopefully the exercise should help with that!) I put it on right away.  And I remembered that my freedom to be able to exercise or not exercise is a real gift.  It is a freedom that the kids caught in slavery do not have.  And I want to keep using my freedom to make a difference in their lives.  Please join me in that, if you haven’t already.  You can make a donation to Love146 here:

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Monday May 9 – 1 hour swim training

Thursday May 12 – 30 min Ashtanga yoga

Friday May 13 – 30 min bike

Saturday May 14 – 1 hour walk

TOTAL WEEK TWO – 3 hours



Monday May 16 – 45 min yoga; 1 hour swim training

Wednesday May 18 – 30 min yoga

Friday May 20 – 30 min bike

TOTAL WEEK THREE:  2 hrs 45min


TOTAL SO FAR – 8 hours 25 minutes