Thanks for checking in on the Love146 tread on trafficking project!

A couple of people have asked what exactly Love146 directs their resources toward.  Great question!  Here are two links that explain their two main focuses: prevention and aftercare



I kicked off my exercise hours to raise money for Love146 with a lovely walk followed by freeze tag with my family.  I told Josiah that by going on this walk, we were bringing attention to our family and friends about kids who are stuck in bad situations that need a lot of help.  I told him that every time we go for a walk we’ll write it down on the computer and help raise money for those kids.  As soon as we got home he said, ‘don’t forget to put this walk on the computer so our friends and family will know to give more money to help those kids.’  🙂

3 hours was quite an increase to me in the area of exercise because I had been doing a whopping 0 hours/ week before this.  Sore arms, sore legs, happy heart!

Remember if you want to donate along the way you can visit our team page here

Or you can give at the end of June by donating a certain amount/hours we put into it.

My pledge hours for the 1st week of May:
Monday May 2 ; 30 min walk with family; 1 hour swim training

Tuesday May 3; 20 min yoga; 20 min bike

Friday May 6; 30 min bike

a grand total of 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Thank you for helping make a difference in the lives of young children around the world!