I assume you stopped by because you want to know how our campaign to raise money and awareness for LOVE 146 is going.  This site will be where we keep you posted on how many hours we are logging each week in exercise so that you can keep track of how much you will be donating to LOVE 146.

For me, this is an area of need I have ignored for a long time because I’ve been too afraid to look into how to help.  I feel sick thinking of all the kids trapped in sex slavery and so I avoid the topic.  In the past year I’ve realized that ignoring it is not the response I want to have.  I want to get behind great organizations that are fighting it and giving kids their lives back.  www.love146.org is one of those great organizations.

I am pledging 3 hours of exercise/week for the next two months to raise money for love 146 to go along with their “Tread on Trafficking” campaign.  For me some of that time will be on my own (swimming, running, yoga) and some of the time is going to be walking with my kids.  While I won’t go into detail with my kids, they will know that they are raising money for kids who need a lot of extra help by walking with me.

I hope that this will inspire you to contribute to the cause in some way or another.

If you want to donate on behalf of our team, you can go here.

Peace & love,