October 2009

Ever since I have become a mother and more so since I became a mother to two wonderful children instead of one (and I only imagine it increases with each child) I have struggled trying to find some balance of how to spend my time.  I am sure every mother feels this way – time to spend as a family, time to spend with God, time as a couple, time alone, time with friends, time to clean, cook, manage the house and for many moms time to go to paid work!  Not a list that is easy to prioritize and mine is always continually shifting which item has priority status.

Right now for me seems to be a season for paying more attention to my own health (and everyone else’s too, but the kid’s was never neglected like my own has been.)  I have always considered myself a ‘healthy’ person and I am hardly ever sick.  That said, lots of healthy living things had fallen by the wayside that now I am trying to make time for again.  As a mother I am just realizing it is more important for me to stay healthy to properly take care of my kids than cling to my semi-idol like list of to-dos.   Right now I need to make some time for things that do not really have any visible results and that is really hard for me.  Things like going to bed at an hour where I can get enough sleep.  Napping while my daughter naps and letting my son watch a video for a while.  Doing yoga or going on a long walk/run almost every day.  (I like Yoga Short Forms with David Swenson because there are 15, 30 or 45 minute choices and this new website here which also has lots of free quick videos).  Eating properly, taking my own vitamins and drinking enough water.

God talks often about getting enough rest in the bible.  He made the Sabbath just for that purpose.  He also made daylight just for that purpose, but we now have electricity that makes it really easy not to rest when it is dark.  Resting feels really good – it is the other stuff that is hard to handle.  My house is a disaster and I am having to let other things go as well (and no I will NOT show a picture) and it also is taking up most of my time after the kids go to bed.  But maybe that is good too – I need a good rest with my creator right now and it has me thinking about how when resting in Him it is so much easier to listen to Him and follow Him.  And put my own to-do list aside to do just that.


a whole week late…

You can’t really blame me.  Last Monday Tammy flew in, and we had a wonderful evening visiting with Leah and Meg and our families.

Wish I had some pictures to share, but I was too busy visiting.

Here is the Scripture for this week.  It reminds me of Augustine who said, “Love God and then do what you will”.

From John 6,

“They replied, ‘We want to perform God’s works too.  What should we do?’  Jesus told them, ‘This is the only work God wants from you: Believe in the one he has sent.'”  vs.29,30


May we be filled as we believe in the one he has sent.

May we see that our work is complete in that.

And May it lead us to tell a beautiful story of grace painted in the glorious colours of his love.



All the “love is” moms will be together…tomorrow!

There will be feasting, and laughing and story-telling and playing.

I can’t wait.

I sit down to the table, about to enjoy my perfectly portioned out lunch.  A bowl of thai coconut soup:  3 points.  2 oranges: 1 point.  5 crackers and 2 laughing cow cheese…what a minute, why are there only 4 crackers on my plate?

I look up at my family and say, “did one of you take my cracker?”  My husband looks guilty.  It’s already been consumed and there are no more crackers in the box.  I feel grumpy.  Sweet Eden has been teething and I’m not getting much sleep, and I am taking pleasure in simple things – like having 5 crackers, not 4, on my plate.  I let the grudge, minor and picky as it is last for a few minutes.

Soon Matt gets up to make a smoothie with our 3 year old boy.  Delicious, healthy food being dropped into the blender to help us ward off getting sick.  Oh yaaaaaa…..getting sick…and then it comes over me like a wave.  The sad news I heard of a friends friend this past week.  A young woman who lost her husband.  She’s not even 30 and they have 4 children.  He got sick, and then caught pnemonia and within a few weeks he died.  How my heart has been crying out on behalf of this young widow.  I cannot fathom being in her position, facing each day without her best friend, her husband, the father of her kids…and I mourn for her.  I hurt for her and pray again asking God to be her husband, begging him to give her comfort upon comfort and mercy upon mercy.

Feeling silly and humbled, I stand up and walk over to my Matt.  I smile sheepishly at him and say, “Hey Matt, you can steal my crackers whenever you want, okay?”

As a pastor, he visits the dying often.  He knows exactly what is going through my mind because I have been talking about this young lady so often.  He hugs me and says, “perspective?”

I sit back down, thankful for the abundant, delicious, healthy food on my table and more importantly for the people I love standing near me, healthy, happy and alive.  Oh, God may I always stay alert, with my eyes wide open in gratitude and help me not to lose perspective.


Stay alert, with your eyes wide open in gratitude.
Colossians 4:2 The Messagekaia 2 mo

Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. Colossians 4:2 NIV

This has been my personal gratitude theme verse. I really like the eye imagery in The Message.  It reminds me to stop and observe the blessings around me. Please feel free to list some of the things you are thankful for in the comments. (Read yesterday’s post for more thanksgiving thoughts.)

I meant to post this Friday, kinda how life is right now. However, taking time to say thanks is necessary. It’s a spiritual discipline I have been exercising lately, trying to list 1000 blessings from the very small to the obvious (check out Holy Experience to be part of the Gratitude Community). It is mostly those small things around us that we forget to give thanks or we don’t even notice. Since it is Thanksgiving weekend I thought I’d share some thoughts and images of thankfulness.

I have been reading a book called “The Holy Wild” by Mark Buchanan. Chapter 3 entitled “The Testimony of Leaves” in itself is worth the cost of the book. Buchanan, uses the image of a leaf, fragile, yet resilient, beautiful, intricate, and season after season lives out the cycle of life. God’s faithfulness at work. How often do we notice gifts such as the leaf, which God faithfully provides each day, each moment, yet we fail to see. We question His faithfulness. His love. We blindly go about life, concerned about this or that. Lord, thank you for the leaves, and those small and seemingly insignificant, yet crucial blessings in our lives. May we walk with our “eyes wide open” to see your faithfulness and your blessings that are interwoven in each and every moment. Amen.

To celebrate fall the girls and I went on a little treasure hunt finding neat leaves, pine cones, moss, and other nature finds. These girls are huge blessings to me! Helping them appreciate nature and God’s goodness in creation is important for me. I believe that here, in creation, we see the faithful hand of God at work.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope you have an opportunity to count the blessings around you this weekend.







The current bible study I am doing has us recording ‘God Stops’ at the end of every day.  There is a place to journal where you saw God acting in your life that day.  Today God showed up in an unexpected way.  My husband who has worked for his company for ten and a half years and called in sick two times before came home sick today.  He was in the basement doing some computer work.  Hmmm, sick husband (sick kids too actually) where is God working in this picture?

Well about a half hour after he came home the fitting on our main floor toilet broke.  Thankfully, my husband was in the basement working and heard the water leaking through the roof.  Had he not been home, I first of all wouldn’t have noticed the leak (which was already in the bathroom, down the stairs, and over a third of the basemen in the matter of a few minutes), I wouldn’t have known how to turn off the water and I wouldn’t have known how to fix the broken part.  Today of all days too, as we had our realtor coming over in the early evening.  So thank you God for sending my husband home sick so we did not have a flooded house!

Where has God shown up in your life lately?

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