So tomorrow is the last day of the Tread on trafficking fundraiser.  I have been terrible about updating here, but faithful in getting out there and getting at least 3 hours of exercise a week.  It has really been sinking in for me, during all of this exercise time, as well as our days spent so largely outdoors at this time of year, how much freedom I have.  When exercising to raise money/awareness about sex trafficking, I couldn’t help but relish in the gift of having the health to exercise, the time to do so and the true privilege of safety for myself and my children.  These are all things I am so grateful for.  It is impossible to imagine the horror of a life in the sex trade, especially for children.   I am thankful for the opportunity to spend these past weeks having God soften my heart and increase my awareness towards children (and the families of the children) who are involved.  It is something that just won’t leave me alone and I am cannot help but pray that more and more awareness will continue to be raised and enough people will join together under the strength and love of God so that there will be no more children in the sex trade.


We have had some great weather the past two weeks (mosquitoes aside) and have ben taking lots of time outside to walk and bike ride.  I can’t help but feel so thankful that I am able to have this luxury of being with my children and doing this together.

Here is my update:

Monday: 45 minutes yoga

Tuesday: 30 minute bike ride

Thursday: 30 minutes walk

Friday: 30 minutes hike

Saturday: 30 minutes yoga and lots of yard work

Sunday: 15 minutes yoga and lots of painting – for a total of 3 hours

Monday: 45 minutes yoga

Tuesday: 30 minute bike ride

Wednesday: 30 minute walk

Friday: 30 minutes yoga

Saturday: 60 minute hike (and about 4 hours planting the garden – lots of sweaty digging!) for a total of 3 hours 15 minutes

Although I keep planning to go running, it hasn’t been working out so far but I have been loving my David Swanson yoga DVD – 15, 30 and 45 minute options so hard to make an excuse that I don’t have time – a really great option for busy times.  Thanks to everyone who has donated so far 🙂

Well this week (Week 4), I have hit a bit of a lull.  I know it is only Tuesday – but I missed my 1 hour swim training and going to swim training always sets my week off on a good start.  I was feeling discouraged this morning.  I was going to write this blog post to remind myself why I’m doing this and that I want to do this!  I opened up my blog and didn’t feel like writing. 

Then I saw my shirt.  My Tread on Trafficking shirt I ordered when I started this.  It came in the mail on Friday.  I was excited to see it this morning and even though it is a bit snug (hopefully the exercise should help with that!) I put it on right away.  And I remembered that my freedom to be able to exercise or not exercise is a real gift.  It is a freedom that the kids caught in slavery do not have.  And I want to keep using my freedom to make a difference in their lives.  Please join me in that, if you haven’t already.  You can make a donation to Love146 here:

Donate Here


Monday May 9 – 1 hour swim training

Thursday May 12 – 30 min Ashtanga yoga

Friday May 13 – 30 min bike

Saturday May 14 – 1 hour walk

TOTAL WEEK TWO – 3 hours



Monday May 16 – 45 min yoga; 1 hour swim training

Wednesday May 18 – 30 min yoga

Friday May 20 – 30 min bike

TOTAL WEEK THREE:  2 hrs 45min


TOTAL SO FAR – 8 hours 25 minutes

We had a beautiful week for our first week of the tread on trafficking fundraiser.  It felt so hopeful to be out and about exercising to help others in the beautiful spring weather.

One of the main ways I am planning on fitting in my exercise time in is by walking/bike riding to get the mail with my kiddos.  I live in the country so it is about 3/4 km to the mail box.  If we bike ride we complete our whole subdivision loop which is just under 3 km.   On Saturday we also participated in another fundraiser walk (2.5 km) and it made me think we should wrap up this tread on trafficking with a walk and picnic for whomever wants to come. 

So this was my time for week one:

Monday May 2 – walk with kids 20 minutes

Tuesday May 2 – 30 minutes of yoga

Thursday May 5 – bike ride with kids 30 minutes

Friday May 6 – family bike ride 30 minutes

Saturday May 7 – family and friends walk – 45 minutes

So 2 hours and 35 minutes only because I am not counting the fact that I raked lawn/dug new vegetable beds/hauled dirt for at least 16 hours on Saturday and Sunday as it would go too much over my 3 hours per week – but hey if you want to count that go ahead 🙂

Thanks for checking in on the Love146 tread on trafficking project!

A couple of people have asked what exactly Love146 directs their resources toward.  Great question!  Here are two links that explain their two main focuses: prevention and aftercare



I kicked off my exercise hours to raise money for Love146 with a lovely walk followed by freeze tag with my family.  I told Josiah that by going on this walk, we were bringing attention to our family and friends about kids who are stuck in bad situations that need a lot of help.  I told him that every time we go for a walk we’ll write it down on the computer and help raise money for those kids.  As soon as we got home he said, ‘don’t forget to put this walk on the computer so our friends and family will know to give more money to help those kids.’  🙂

3 hours was quite an increase to me in the area of exercise because I had been doing a whopping 0 hours/ week before this.  Sore arms, sore legs, happy heart!

Remember if you want to donate along the way you can visit our team page here

Or you can give at the end of June by donating a certain amount/hours we put into it.

My pledge hours for the 1st week of May:
Monday May 2 ; 30 min walk with family; 1 hour swim training

Tuesday May 3; 20 min yoga; 20 min bike

Friday May 6; 30 min bike

a grand total of 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Thank you for helping make a difference in the lives of young children around the world!


I assume you stopped by because you want to know how our campaign to raise money and awareness for LOVE 146 is going.  This site will be where we keep you posted on how many hours we are logging each week in exercise so that you can keep track of how much you will be donating to LOVE 146.

For me, this is an area of need I have ignored for a long time because I’ve been too afraid to look into how to help.  I feel sick thinking of all the kids trapped in sex slavery and so I avoid the topic.  In the past year I’ve realized that ignoring it is not the response I want to have.  I want to get behind great organizations that are fighting it and giving kids their lives back. is one of those great organizations.

I am pledging 3 hours of exercise/week for the next two months to raise money for love 146 to go along with their “Tread on Trafficking” campaign.  For me some of that time will be on my own (swimming, running, yoga) and some of the time is going to be walking with my kids.  While I won’t go into detail with my kids, they will know that they are raising money for kids who need a lot of extra help by walking with me.

I hope that this will inspire you to contribute to the cause in some way or another.

If you want to donate on behalf of our team, you can go here.

Peace & love,


What does it mean to ‘love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul and all your mind’?

How do we LOVE God?

Verses, quotes, wonderings are welcome. I don’t have much to share. However, I am reminded about an analogy: our love for God and Shakespeare’s story of Romeo and Juliet. A beautiful love story (yes, also tragic). A love that is consuming and powerful. The ’til death do us part’ journey of two ‘star crossed lovers’. 

When I contemplate God, my heart is full. I want to follow him, I want to trust him. When I forget God, I live for myself, become concerned with selfish desires and worry. Yes, this love is powerful. A love that moves me to love others, and live a great story. How about you?